1969 Mercury Cougar

Vehicle Details

Mercury Cougar.  This cougar has the rarest feature of all, factory electric sun roof,  only so many made.   it has a 1972 351 Cleveland engine, 4V heads and intake.

  1 wiper motor and bracket.  1 hood latch and bracket.  1 new battery holders.

  1 extra steering Colum with steering wheel.  1 wood grain dash cougar emblem.  1 set front valance lights.

  needs to be glued, 1 sequential  rear blinker box, 1 set of trunk hinges, 1 set seat belts, 1 brake vacuum booster, 1 front and back bumpers with hardware, 1 center Colum plastic  heat and air duck work, 1 factor 4V intake for 351C, 1 steering Colum bracket and hardware, 1 speedometer cable, 1 trunk lid lock, 1 hood latch and hardware, 1 complete power steering rack and pinion, 1 set of head light covers, 3 door lock assembly and linkage, ect.  Y0U CAN RESTORE OR HAVE MASSAVE PARTS TO SELL ON EBAY OR WHERE  EVER.  ALL FOR $4000.

Price And More Info!
June 10, 2021 5:11 pm