1971 BMW 2002

1971 BMW
2002 Golf Yellow, 5 Speed, Turbocharged, EFI

A solid California 1971 Golf Yellow 2002 with Electronic Fuel Injection, 5 speed, Turbo charged setup.  Appears engine computer and entire Turbo setup is from a 4cyl Ford with Garret Turbo.  Very well done.

  We can provide support/ service and exchange on many of the parts in the vehicle are new but this is not part of this auction or sale

Other Available modifications at extra charge

Engine upgrades (header, carbs, engine internals
all possible).  We can custom build
larger displacement, port and polished high performance engine for additional

Power door locks

Lighting upgrades (LED headlights), driving
lights, fog lights)

Install turbo style fender flares and front spoiler if
prefer this look.  All the necessary
removal of lower trim side markers and short euro bumper In place such that no
body work necessary just bolt on flares and front spoiler if you prefer this

.. perfect roundie build car with workind sunroof 2 82 320i,  73 Sahara Beige 2002 sunroof with Alpina flares, new sunroof system going in.

1971 BMW 2002

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June 10, 2021 5:08 am