1969 Chevrolet Camaro Prostreet

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Show & Go! Great Paint! 383 Stroker V8, Auto w/ Man Valve Body, Tub, Cage, A/C!


This 1969 Chevrolet Camaro Prostreet is one of the best-executed pro-touring cars we’ve ever featured. Not only does it look gorgeous in its slick Metallic Blue finish, but it offers impressive 383 Stroker horsepower, a grippy suspension, and an aggressive ‘big-and-little’ stance, all combined with a bunch of comfort and convenience upgrades to create a very special car packed with beauty and brawn. There’s no argument that the 1969 Camaro is one of the best-looking performance cars of the era, and there’s practically no way to make one look bad (although unfortunately, many have tried).

Sporty racing-seat buckets are aggressively bolstered and sculpted to hold the body in place during sharp maneuvers, and they come with a set of professional G-Force racing harness seat belts. The black-rimmed steering wheel is a little fatter than the stock piece, so it feels modern the moment you slip behind the wheel, and don’t invite too many friends for a ride because the back seat is gone – removed to make way for a full roll cage that stiffens the body and makes it track-ready. Stock gauges ahead of the driver are still in place, but they can’t keep up with the Stroker V8 under the hood so a trio of auxiliary units under the dash and a big tachometer on the A-pillar were added for better accuracy.

Out back, there’s a custom narrowed heavy-duty rear end with a Competition Performance 4-link and coilover set-up to really pin this car to the pavement. Long-tube headers feed into a stainless H-pipe exhaust system with dual mufflers that sound fantastic, with turn-down just underneath the rear bumper. Staggered Weld Racing wheels always look great on a vintage Pro Street Camaro and they carry 26×6.

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