1969 Chevrolet Camaro Prostreet

And speaking of that sheetmetal – it’s beautifully restored, laser-straight, and features exact gaps with flush panels that all line up better than when they were new. That paint really is great too, with a miles deep finish (seriously, you could practically drown in this paint; they must’ve cleared out the shop with this order) that highlight the undistorted reflections in the car’s surface. We won’t go as far as calling it a show-car, as the noodgiest of noodges will always find a light scratch or two because the car has been washed and dried several times since the restoration was completed, but it’s pretty darn nice and doesn’t need any excuses.

Out back, the roll-caged trunk is packed tight with a fuel cell and a large cannister of nitrous, so pack light and get ready to white-knuckle. Mechanically, this sucker gets it done with a punched-out 383 cubic inch V8 Stroker motor. With a big horsepower and plenty of low-end torque, the motor pulls the lightweight F-body with ease, and it’s running great today with signs of maintenance and good service throughout.

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June 16, 2021 5:14 am