1969 Chevrolet Corvette L46 Convertible

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Full size photos

classic vintage chrome chevy vette c3 drop top manual transmission sports car

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So it’s sleek, sporty, and truly an all-American. In fact, with the white roof in place, this one has the same appeal and curves as a Coca-Cola bottle. This is a great year for brightwork with a good shine on the bumpers, trim, and side vents.

Under the hood is the numbers-matching L46 350 cubic-inch V8. Just like the rest of the car, it has a proper factory look with a bold orange block, bright distributor shield, and a big polished air topper with callout. This was the larger-power optional small block for ’69, and so it offers a nice balance of power and weight.

The code 974-Monza Red is the factory-correct color, and it’s one we love. After all, classic Corvette look great in red, and this one is even named after a racetrack. So it’s sleek, sporty, and truly an all-American.

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