1969 Volkswagen Beetle – Classic

Volkswagen Beetle – Classic. 1969 Volkswagen BeetleA restoration project that has stopped.The chassis has been completely rebuilt with a Ghia disc brake front end.

The body is completely disassembled and most rust is removed and primed.  It needs a luggage tray (rotted) and cross members (which I have) welded in.  The heater channels are in great shape except by the rear fender wells.

  Flywheel/clutch isn’t beat up and is serviceable.I have the seat frames (front/rear), and ALL the glass except the windshield which was shattered.  All the gauges have been refurbished.

  It sounds like a lot needs to be done but really once the welding is done you’re ready to begin the final touches.

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June 25, 2021 5:44 am