1966 Volkswagen Bus/Vanagon 23 Window

  I  provide detailed views of the interior, under the hood and then  put it on a lift to show the undercarriage and confirm that the  beauty of the car you are considering is not merely skin deep.   Even our detailers are enthusiastic about the cars they  meticulously clean.  Reconditioning can sometimes take  several as we do all that we can within reason to get our  vehicles in tip top condition visually and cosmetically.

  I do this because it is  the only way I can convince a person; often a world away, unable  to touch or feel their purchase that my vehicle is for real and  what I say is an honest assessment.  All the above is  necessary for me to stay in business while keeping integrity  intact. I want every buyer to be happy and I need glowing  feedback on eBay.

Price And More Info!
July 5, 2021 5:52 am