1970 Plymouth Superbird 440 6-Pack

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Full size photos

1970 Plymouth Superbird 440 6-Pack 12398 Miles Orange Coupe 440 Six Pack 3 Speed

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Additional Info: Engine Block Number – 2536430-9 Engine Casting Date – 8 9 69 Engine Stamp Pad – C107696 Transmission Stamp -0B245616 Trim Tag Info – Build Date of 11/18/1969, Paint Code EV2 (Tor Red) Although being an older restoration, both the interior and exterior of this Bird present very well. A great opportunity on a well sorted and desirable 440 6-Pack SuperBird complete with its Broadcast sheet.

The Superbird’s smoothed-out body and nosecone were further refined from that of the Daytona, and the street version’s retractable headlights added nineteen inches to the Road Runner’s original length. The rear wing was mounted on tall vertical struts that put it into less disturbed air thus increasing the efficiency of the downdraft that it placed upon the car’s rear axle. For nearly 30 years the mathematic formula used to determine the exact height of the enormous wing was thought to be a highly guarded Chrysler secret.

Only 135 models were fitted with the 426 Hemi. As the 440 was less expensive to produce, the “street” version of the 426 Hemi engine used in competition was homologated by producing the minimum number required. On the street, the nose cone and wing were very distinctive, but the aerodynamic improvements hardly made a difference there or on the drag strip.

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