1954 Hudson Jetliner Twin H Power Classic Car

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Full size photos

1954 Hudson Jetliner Twin H Power Classic Car 71174 Miles Red Automatic

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Obviously the car has had a repaint at some point in this life but appears to be very well put back to original down to all the gauges and everything on the dash being completely intact. The engine is not seized up we have spun the motor over and like most of these in this collection we do believe a battery and some fuel in the carburetor would allow it to start and run as it was driven and parked in the barn where we retrieved it from more than likely 15 to 20 years ago. The only thing we’ve done on this unit is wash the dust off feel free to check it out in anyway possible or ask any questions that you may have.

This car appears to be completely intact as far as all of its chrome and stainless to door restored at some point in his life, with what is called to be a twin H power which is a very unique looking air filter and dual carburetor set up under the hood. Like all of these cars its brothers and sisters came from a private collection. More than likely this car has sat close to 20 years.

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