1971 Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow

1971 Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow


1971 Rolls-Royce Silver ShadowPresenting this left-hand-drive 1971 Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow with Pearl White with sand beige interior, automatic transmission, air conditioning, power windows, power steering, chrome bumpers, white line tires, spare tire, and jack. A well-priced British classic that is mechanically sound. For $19,750

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Beverly Hills Car Club

4576 1/2 Worth St.

Our cars are always in great shape and attract a lot of attention on the road, so much attention; they rarely make it to eBay due to sales through informal offers.We regard our reputation very highly and customer satisfaction is our paramount concern. Therefore, we take pride in all our transactions and value every person who visits our auctions.

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May 6, 2022 5:44 pm